Why Is My Furnace Not Turning On?


All across America, homeowners rely on their furnaces to keep them warm during the cold winter months, so if you've turned yours on this winter, only to find out that it's not working, that's a major problem. Not only could the systems in your home suffer, such as the plumbing or electrical systems, but your family's health may suffer as well. Older people and babies are especially prone to extreme temperatures, so scheduling your furnace repair becomes a primary concern.

8 December 2020

The Basics Of Home Heating Repair Signs


As a homeowner, you need to understand when there could be a problem with your home's heating system. If your furnace isn't functioning as it should, you'll want to call for repair, but if you don't know how to tell when there's a problem, the system could fail completely before you call. This can cost you far more in repairs. Here's a look at some of the early signs that you should reach out to a heating repair technician.

2 October 2020

Top Signs You Might Need To Install New HVAC Duct Work In Your Home


You might have thought about repairing or replacing your existing HVAC unit or some of its components, but you might have never really thought about replacing your home's duct work. However, these are a few signs that it might be time for you to do so. Your Home Has Been Flooded If your home has been flooded, you might be in the process of doing everything that you can to properly restore it.

2 October 2020

Common Myths Associated With Furnace Costs


For many consumers, the cost of heating their homes takes a huge bite out of their monthly budget. This is why you have decided to do your homework and figure out ways you lower your heating bills. Unfortunately, a lot of the information you have read and heard about the cost of owning and operating a furnace are not true and that advice could be costing you money. Here are a few of the most common myths and misconceptions relating to the cost of operating your furnace.

28 August 2020

Three Signs Your AC Unit Won't Last Until Fall


If you live in an area where those hot summer months beat down on you like the sun in those Super Mario games, you probably count your air conditioning unit as one of your most cherished possessions. It's responsible for keeping you and your family cool and comfortable, and losing its services would almost be unbearable. But even before it kicks the bucket, there are signs that will let you know it's on its last few legs.

30 July 2020

Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leaks: Signs To Watch For


With peak summer temperatures yet to arrive, your air conditioner hasn't yet been fully tested for the season yet. What you may not realize, however, is that your air conditioner could already be giving you signs that it isn't fully equipped for those peak-season temperatures to arrive. If your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, it's likely already showing you subtle, quiet signs of this potential impending failure. Here's what you should watch for that could tell you that your air conditioner has a refrigerant leak.

29 June 2020

3 Common AC Issues And Ways To Address Them


Being a homeowner is great because of the added freedom you have, but it does involve dealing with AC problems from time to time. Here are three you'll probably run into at some point and ways to deal with them effectively. Dirty Air Filter The air filter is the component that collects dirt and debris, preventing them from entering your cooling system. It will get really dirty eventually, and when it does, you need to respond by finding a suitable replacement.

26 May 2020

How To Prepare An Air Conditioner For Long Periods Without Use


Air conditioners are durable, but are subject to the effects of wear and tear even when they aren't being used. If you are planning to shut down your air conditioner for longer than a few months, there are several things you can do to help protect it and keep it in good shape for when it's finally time to turn it back on. Check Ducts and Replace Filter One of the things that can cause the most trouble to an air conditioning system over time is dust, which can work its way in through gaps in your ducts.

22 April 2020

Four Tips For Buying A New Central Air Conditioner


A brand new air conditioner will last you at least a decade, so making sure you've got everything you need is a must before making such a valuable investment. Beyond making sure you're getting the right kind of air conditioner, it's a good idea to make sure the rest of your components are in good working order, that you have all the right components, and that you have a good warranty going forward.

19 March 2020

Good Reasons To Get Central AC Installed In Your Home


If you have been living without central air conditioning, you might have gotten used to the struggle to cool off at home during some of the hottest months of the year. Sure, you can put a box fan on the table next to you and have warm air blow on you, or you can put a few window air conditioners in throughout the house, but has that really ever been good enough?

17 February 2020