Common Plumbing Mistakes: Putting Boiling Water Into A Drain


Have you ever cooked a large pot of pasta and decided to strain out the noodles by pouring that boiling water into a strainer over your kitchen sink? You may think this is a perfectly fine thing to do, but it can cause problems with certain types of kitchen plumbing: more specifically, PVC piping that is low-quality or very thin. Here is what you need to know about pouring that boiling water into the drain.

28 March 2018

3 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Air Conditioner Usage During The Summer


Tired of having your air conditioner on for what seems like 24 hours a day during the hot summer months? Here are three easy things you can do to reduce your air conditioning usage this coming summer: Move Furniture Away From the Windows When couches and chairs are kept near your windows during the summer, the heat from the sun can penetrate through the windows and make your household members feel warmer than they should while lounging around the house.

11 February 2018