Outdoor AC Unit's Fan Won't Come On? Clean The Condenser Coil


If your air conditioner's fan stops working, you may think that something's wrong with the evaporator coil or coolant lines inside the home. But sometimes, the outdoor unit's condenser coil becomes soiled with dirt. These problems can cause the outdoor unit's fan to shut down. In worse cases, the compressor can stop working. Before you call an air conditioning service technician, learn how a soiled condenser coil affects your air conditioner and how you can clean it.

22 December 2015

Electric Furnace Not Heating Your Home? Oil The Belt-Driven Blower Motor


If your home feels colder than usual, oil your old electric belt-driven furnace's blower motor now. Sometimes, older electric furnaces put out cold air because the blower motor lacks sufficient lubrication to operate properly, and the part burns more oil than usual because of its age. Eventually, the motor overheats and struggles to transfer cool air to the heating elements inside the appliance. As a result, your home feels drafty and cold.

4 November 2015

3 Questions That Will Help You Determine The Ideal Heat Pump For Your Home


Although you've always been able to get through the summer and winter seasons by either changing your attire or keeping a throw blanket on hand, you're beginning to realize that you need a form of temperature control to keep your home comfortable. However, with rising energy costs for both gas and electricity, you're looking for a way to heat and cool your home without breaking the bank. For this reason, you've decided to install a residential heat pump.

23 July 2015

HVAC Tips For Beginners: Clean Furnace's Blower Motor And Housing


If you're worried about the condition of your old electric furnace, now is the time to inspect it before winter arrives. Older model furnaces may break down when you need them the most. You may help avoid this issue by cleaning your furnace's blower motor. The blower motor is essential for powering and transferring heat through your furnace in the winter. The furnace's housing may build up with dust and other contaminants over time.

9 July 2015

4 Problems Caused By A Dirty HVAC Filter


You rely on your home's air conditioner and furnace to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. The United States Department of Energy reports that by changing your HVAC filter, you can improve the efficiency of your HVAC equipment by 5% to 15%. The frequency you change your HVAC filters can also affect the health of you and your family. So, it is important for you to keep your HVAC system maintained and working well, and you can do this yourself by replacing the air filters as frequently as once a month.

5 May 2015

How To Hide Your Air Conditioner Compressor


If you live in an area that experiences extremely high temperatures during the summer months, then you need to keep your home as cool as possible. Air conditioners can assist you with this, but if you have been using a window unit, then the appliance probably can't accommodate your needs. A central air conditioning system has the power and efficiency to cool an entire home, and an HVAC contractor from a site like http://rbincorporated.

17 March 2015

3 Common Summertime Issues Faced By Heat Pump Owners


If you've recently installed a heat pump, then chances are you're enjoying the excellent cooling efficiency and energy savings that these systems have to offer. While most heat pumps are designed to operate year-round without any major problems, there may be a few annoyances you'll run into over the course of ownership. The following describes three of the most common issues heat pump owners face during the summer cooling season:

12 March 2015

Algae Growing On Your A/C Coils? Here's How To Take Care Of It


You expect to see algae growing in ponds, on rocks and in places where moisture is in abundance. But you don't expect to see algae growing on your air conditioner's indoor evaporator coil. As it turns out, the environment underneath your A/C's plenum is just perfect for algae spores to flourish. The last thing you need is for algae buildup to bring your A/C's performance to a standstill, especially as you gear up to tackle the summer heat.

9 March 2015