Advantages Of Air Duct Insulation


Air duct insulation is a specialized installation for your home's central air conditioning and heating systems in which rigid insulation is installed around the air ducts themselves. This carries a number of benefits for your home and can help improve the efficiency of both your furnace and air conditioner. Understanding what air duct insulation has to offer your home can help you decide whether or not it is worth the cost of installation.

29 March 2017

Helpful Tips That Let You Know When It Is Time To Call Someone About Your Furnace


It is important to make sure that you are well aware of the signs of furnace trouble. This way, you will know when it is time to call in a professional HVAC technician. When you know when it is time to quickly call an HVAC technician, you will not have to worry as much about the furnace problems getting worse. You Hear Sounds That Strike You As Odd There is nothing to worry about if you hear the furnace making a small humming sound.

14 March 2017

Your Frequent Plumbing Leaks Could Be Caused By High Pressure In The Pipes


You may not realize it, but the water coming into your home from the main municipal line is under pressure that can vary under certain circumstances. The geographical location of your home or your proximity to tall buildings could affect the pressure of water flowing through the municipal pipe. Once the water enters your home, the pressure can change due to changes in temperature of the water. High pressure can cause problems with your plumbing, and all the while you may not even realize what's going on.

6 March 2017

Top 5 Common Gas Furnace Problems And The Solutions To Fix Them


Although most gas furnaces are designed to operate as reliably as possible, you may still run into a little trouble with your furnace from time to time. If and when this happens, you'll want to know what problems to expect and how to deal with these issues as quickly and effectively as possible. The following describes five common issues you could run into throughout the course of your furnace ownership and how you can solve these issues.

1 February 2017

Are You Having A New HVAC Unit Installed? Learn The Pros And Cons Of Zone Control


If you are installing a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit, or HVAC, you may be hearing about zone control. Zone control basically involves dividing your home up into different sections and allowing those sections to be heated or cooled to different temperatures. This is done with the use of multiple thermostats throughout the home and a complex duct work system. There are many benefits to this type of system.

8 June 2016

Radiator Sludge: How It Forms, Problems It Causes, and How to Remedy It


If your home is heated by a hot water radiator system, you should be aware that there are a few different causes for your radiators to stop heating. Aging radiator heating systems can suffer from a buildup of sludge, causing cold spots on your radiators. Here is information on how sludge occurs, additional problems it can cause your radiator heating system, and how to remedy the problem. Sludge Causes Problems

9 February 2016

Outdoor AC Unit's Fan Won't Come On? Clean The Condenser Coil


If your air conditioner's fan stops working, you may think that something's wrong with the evaporator coil or coolant lines inside the home. But sometimes, the outdoor unit's condenser coil becomes soiled with dirt. These problems can cause the outdoor unit's fan to shut down. In worse cases, the compressor can stop working. Before you call an air conditioning service technician, learn how a soiled condenser coil affects your air conditioner and how you can clean it.

22 December 2015