Four Tips For Buying A New Central Air Conditioner


A brand new air conditioner will last you at least a decade, so making sure you've got everything you need is a must before making such a valuable investment. Beyond making sure you're getting the right kind of air conditioner, it's a good idea to make sure the rest of your components are in good working order, that you have all the right components, and that you have a good warranty going forward.

19 March 2020

Good Reasons To Get Central AC Installed In Your Home


If you have been living without central air conditioning, you might have gotten used to the struggle to cool off at home during some of the hottest months of the year. Sure, you can put a box fan on the table next to you and have warm air blow on you, or you can put a few window air conditioners in throughout the house, but has that really ever been good enough?

17 February 2020

Residential AC Repair For Ductless Systems: What You Can Expect For Repairs In The Future


If you recently decided to install a ductless air conditioning system, you have made a good choice in an efficient means of cooling your home. However, like all residential cooling systems, you can expect that at some point, your system will have a problem and need residential AC repair. Going forward, you should know what to expect in terms of repairs for this type of system.  The Heat Pump May Go

8 January 2020

Having A New Furnace Installed? Ways To Prepare Before The Installer Comes


If your current furnace is nearing the end of its life, or has already reached the end of its life, you may have an appointment with a furnace installation company to install a new furnace in your home. Prior to the installers arriving, there are steps that you can or should take to make the process a bit easier, and to help protect your new furnace. Here are a few of the things you should consider doing before a new furnace installer arrives for furnace installation.

12 December 2019

Common Problems That Can Stop Your HVAC System From Working Correctly


The HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system in your home can stop working suddenly for a lot of reasons. Here are some of the most common reasons the repair technicians find for the HVAC to stop working suddenly.  Lack of Maintenance One of the most common reasons for the HVAC system in your home to just stop running is a lack of preventative maintenance. A lot of items in the maintenance list can stop the system from working at all, and often, they are small items like a dirty filter, a switch that is stuck, or a sensor that is no longer reading properly.

11 November 2019

3 Reasons To Have Your Air Conditioner Maintained This Fall


Have you been counting down the days until you can stop using your air conditioner for the year? Are you thrilled at the thought of your utility bills becoming more affordable once again? Although they can be necessary, depending on where you live, air conditioners can be quite expensive to run at times. Unfortunately, ignoring your air conditioner and following an improper maintenance schedule can make them even more costly in the long run.

4 October 2019

Does Your Thermostat Need To Be Replaced? 3 Reasons And Replacement Info


The thermostat in your home is the brains behind your air conditioner and furnace. It is what gives the information you are inputting into the thermostat to these appliances. If your thermostat is not working properly, it may not be supplying the proper information to your systems and could give you a bit of trouble. If you aren't sure if your thermostat is the problem and should be replaced, read on for a few reasons to help guide you, as well as replacement instructions.

4 September 2019