You Can Move Away From Window Air Conditioners Without Installing Ducts


Window air conditioners work alright if you just want to keep a single room somewhat comfortable, but they're such a nuisance when you have to install them throughout your home. Not to mention, they use a ton of energy! You may assume that because you don't have ducts in your walls and you don't want to knock down walls to install ducts, you are stuck with window units. But thanks to some new and innovative air conditioning options, that's no longer the case.

3 April 2019

What To Know About Your Home's HVAC


When it comes to keeping your home comfortable during any season, a working HVAC system is a must. There are a variety of HVAC systems out there, and it's important to be familiar with the one that is in place inside your home. Knowing what you have in place and being able to recognize the signs of trouble is key for keeping your home comfortable year round. Here are three things that you should know when it comes to your home's HVAC system.

14 February 2019

Heat Pumps: Understanding the Pros and Cons of This HVAC Technology


Are you looking to add an HVAC system to your home? If so, you may be on the fence about getting a heat pump. Here are some of the pros and cons of using a heat pump to heat and cool down your home. Pro: Heat Pumps Don't Require Gas One reason to use a heat pump is if you are limited to the type of energy you can use in your home.

9 January 2019

Not Enough Hot Air Coming From The Furnace In Your Home? Use The Expert Repair Services To Solve The Problem


Is your furnace not producing enough heat? Even if you are feeling a bit of heat coming from the furnace, it may not be nearly enough to keep you feeling comfortable and warm while you are in different rooms, such as your bedroom and the living room. When there is not enough heat coming from the furnace, it can quickly turn into a major problem for everyone who lives in the home because each room will start to feel uncomfortably cold, especially if the temperature is below freezing outside.

3 December 2018

Things That Go Bump in the Night Could Include Your Furnace


Halloween is a special occasion filled with scary stories and scary costumes, but the scariest thing to any homeowner is a furnace that suddenly starts making strange noises. These strange and spooky sounds can frighten any homeowner, especially when the bill comes due for putting them to rest. To get to the bottom of these strange sounds, you'll need to know what's causing them in the first place. Warped Blower Fan

19 October 2018

Three Causes Of Grinding Sounds From Your Air Conditioner


If you hear a grinding sound when you turn on your air conditioner, this is an indication that there is a problem that requires immediate attention. In many cases, the source of the sound is a simple part that needs replacing, but continued use of your air conditioner before it's fixed could lead to heavier damage. Here are three reasons you might be hearing this sound. Condenser Issues Your condenser is typically located just outside your home and looks like a metal box with grilles.

26 September 2018

Installing Air Conditioning In Your Home After It Was Built


If your home was built without air conditioning, you can add it after the fact. Installing a stand-alone air conditioning system or updating your existing system to a heat and air conditioning system are both options. Check with the heating service company that you use to get an idea of your options. Updating Your Heating System If you have a hot air furnace that uses air ducts that run through your home to distribute the heat from room to room, those same ducts can be used to move the cooled air as well.

19 August 2018

AC Won't Turn Off? Raise Your Thermostat Setting


The main function of your thermostat is to tell your heating and cooling systems when to come on and when to cycle off. Sometimes thermostats don't work as designed. In many cases, simply switching out the thermostat's old batteries for new ones solves the problem. But if your cooling system continues to run or doesn't reach the desired temperature, recheck your thermostat. Your thermostat could have something wrong with it. 

21 July 2018

3 Benefits Of Custom Pipe Fabrication For Your Factory's Pipes


If you are in need of pipes for your factory's equipment, you may assume that purchasing pre-made pipes is going to be your best choice. What you should know, however, is that there are custom pipe fabrication companies out there that will make the pipes that your company needs to your specifications. These are a few benefits of choosing a custom pipe fabrication company to make these pipes just for your business.

15 June 2018

3 Tips For More Energy-Efficient Use Of Bar Refrigeration Systems


In your bar, you might rely on refrigeration systems to help you keep beer, mixers and other beverages nice and cold. One thing that you could be concerned about, however, is how much energy your bar refrigeration systems use. Of course, you would probably like to keep energy usage to a minimum; then, you can help ensure that you aren't spending more on your bar's electric bills than you have to, and you can reduce the impact that your bar has on the world around you.

9 May 2018