You Don't Have To Make The Same Mistakes

I always took my home's heating and cooling system for granted. That is until I found myself battling one of the hottest days in years and my air conditioner simply refused to turn on. After contacting my local HVAC contractor, I learned that my cooling coils had frozen over from a lack of maintenance. He did get my AC back up and running that day, but he also helped me to look at my heating and cooling system in a whole new light. I have spent a lot of time over the last few years learning more about how to properly maintain my HVAC system and ultimately lower my energy costs. Today, I would like to share this knowledge with you so that I can help you to avoid some of the costly mistakes I have made in the past.

Why Is My Furnace Not Turning On?


All across America, homeowners rely on their furnaces to keep them warm during the cold winter months, so if you've turned yours on this winter, only to find out that it's not working, that's a major problem. Not only could the systems in your home suffer, such as the plumbing or electrical systems, but your family's health may suffer as well. Older people and babies are especially prone to extreme temperatures, so scheduling your furnace repair becomes a primary concern.

If your furnace isn't turning on, there are few very basic reasons why. Most of the items below you can investigate for yourself, but as with everything else HVAC related, if you're uncomfortable doing any of them, you should contact an HVAC professional if you need further assistance.

Your Breaker Is Flipped

The circuits in your home operate independently from each other, and the system that your furnace is on is usually on a grid all by itself. Head out to the garage and open up the lid on your breaker box; if the switch has been flipped, simply turn it back on and the furnace should start back up. Be careful not to continue flipping the switch if it keeps shutting off since it could be a sign of a major electrical issue.

Your Thermostat Is Malfunctioning

It sounds simple to suggest that you simply need to turn your thermostat on to enable the heat function in your home, but you'd be surprised how many homeowners contact an HVAC company to schedule a furnace repair when that's the issue. If your thermostat is on but the heat isn't working, it could be a problem with the thermostat itself. Either it's busted and needs to be replaced, or it could be sending the wrong signal to the limit switch inside the furnace, which determines what temperature the furnace runs to. Either way, you'll need a pro.

Your Energy Source Is Disconnected

Most homes run on either electricity or natural gas; even if the rest of the home is electrical, the furnace could still be gas-powered. If neither of the above solutions works, then it's possible that your energy source may become disconnected. Be careful though since both of these pose potential dangers and need to be fixed by a professional. Furthermore, if you do have a gas-powered heating system, then you need a professional to perform the furnace repair service anyway since working on gas lines is illegal in most states.

Reach out to a professional for heating repair services. 


8 December 2020