You Don't Have To Make The Same Mistakes

I always took my home's heating and cooling system for granted. That is until I found myself battling one of the hottest days in years and my air conditioner simply refused to turn on. After contacting my local HVAC contractor, I learned that my cooling coils had frozen over from a lack of maintenance. He did get my AC back up and running that day, but he also helped me to look at my heating and cooling system in a whole new light. I have spent a lot of time over the last few years learning more about how to properly maintain my HVAC system and ultimately lower my energy costs. Today, I would like to share this knowledge with you so that I can help you to avoid some of the costly mistakes I have made in the past.

3 Tips For More Energy-Efficient Use Of Bar Refrigeration Systems


In your bar, you might rely on refrigeration systems to help you keep beer, mixers and other beverages nice and cold. One thing that you could be concerned about, however, is how much energy your bar refrigeration systems use. Of course, you would probably like to keep energy usage to a minimum; then, you can help ensure that you aren't spending more on your bar's electric bills than you have to, and you can reduce the impact that your bar has on the world around you. These are a few tips that can help you maximize the efficiency of your bar refrigeration systems.

1. Buy the Right Refrigeration Systems 

For one thing, when you're in the market for refrigeration systems to use in your bar, it's important to make sure that you make the right choice. Buying refrigeration systems that are larger than what you actually need could result in you having to spend more when you purchase them, but the costs can go much further than that. After all, bigger refrigeration systems generally use more energy, so not only could you end up spending more on the refrigeration systems themselves, but you could end up spending more money each month so that you can run them.

Of course, you'll want to buy refrigeration systems that are large enough for your needs but avoid buying systems that are any larger. Additionally, make sure that you look for refrigeration systems that are designed to conserve energy since many of them can help you save a lot in energy use throughout the lifespan of the system.

2. Keep Them in Good Condition

Periodically having someone come out to check your bar refrigeration systems and make necessary repairs is important. Then, you can help ensure that you are able to keep drinks as cold as possible, and you can help your systems last longer. Additionally, having your refrigeration systems regularly serviced and repaired can help you ensure that they operate at their maximum efficiency. For example, even simple things like replacing old, worn-out door seals can help conserve a lot of energy.

3. Keep Them Closed

Even though it might be tempting to leave bar refrigeration systems open during a busy shift so that you and your bartenders can quickly and easily reach in them to grab drinks, doing so wastes energy and can cause drinks to be hotter than they should be. Plus, this puts additional wear and tear on your refrigeration systems themselves. Because of this, it's always a good idea to keep the doors closed when possible and to encourage your bar employees to do the same thing.


9 May 2018