You Don't Have To Make The Same Mistakes

I always took my home's heating and cooling system for granted. That is until I found myself battling one of the hottest days in years and my air conditioner simply refused to turn on. After contacting my local HVAC contractor, I learned that my cooling coils had frozen over from a lack of maintenance. He did get my AC back up and running that day, but he also helped me to look at my heating and cooling system in a whole new light. I have spent a lot of time over the last few years learning more about how to properly maintain my HVAC system and ultimately lower my energy costs. Today, I would like to share this knowledge with you so that I can help you to avoid some of the costly mistakes I have made in the past.

4 Problems Caused By A Dirty HVAC Filter


You rely on your home's air conditioner and furnace to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. The United States Department of Energy reports that by changing your HVAC filter, you can improve the efficiency of your HVAC equipment by 5% to 15%. The frequency you change your HVAC filters can also affect the health of you and your family. So, it is important for you to keep your HVAC system maintained and working well, and you can do this yourself by replacing the air filters as frequently as once a month. Here are some negative effects the condition of your home HVAC air filters can have on your system's efficiency and your health if you don't replace or clean your HVAC's filters.

Less Air Flow

When you select the HVAC filter you will use in your home, you want to get one that will filter out dust, dirt, and airborne fibers. This will first keep your air conditioner and furnace clean inside. When there is less build-up of dust on your home's HVAC filter, your HVAC will continue working as it should. When you don't change out your filter every few months, or get a filter that is too efficient, you will only cause more problems. 

A HVAC system with a high efficiency filter installed that has collected dirt and dust over the past month won't let the air flow through its filter as it should. This makes your furnace and air conditioner unit motor work harder, will cost you more in your utility bill, and won't heat or cool your home as efficient as you would like. In a worse case scenario your air conditioner and furnace motor will burn up and fail from being overworked trying to pull air through a clogged filter. 

Your air conditioner unit also absorbs heat from your home's return air, which warms the coils in the unit. Without enough warm air flowing through the filter, the coils will freeze up and your air conditioner will stop working. 

Dirty Coils

If your home air conditioner's filter is dirty and clogged, particles of dirt and dust can end up bypassing the filter and getting into the AC unit. Once inside, the dirt and dust collect onto the refrigerant coils that cool your home's air. As the particles stick onto the cooling coils, it will cause the evaporator coils to freeze and your air conditioner won't be able to cool your home. 

Dirty Vents

When your home HVAC system pushes air against a dirty filter, the air can end up bypassing the filter because it is the pathway of least resistance. As dirty air goes around the filter, the dust and dirt are pumped through your home's ventilation system. All these particles in your vents will stay in your home's vent system and in your home, leading to health problems.

To get rid of all the build-up of dust in your ventilation system, you can hire a professional vent cleaning service. This cleaning, along with frequent changing of your filters can also help cut the dust build-up on your home's furniture and other surfaces.

Dirty Air

Dirty air inside your vents and home is a problem that can cause health issues and respiratory problems, but air pulled from outdoors can be just as bad. When your home's HVAC system doesn't filter out these allergens because of a dirty filter, you can have some bad allergic reactions. 

At certain times of the year, mold and pollen can cause asthma and allergic reactions. Some pollen or mold allergies include wheezing and difficulty breathing, which can be aggravated if you have asthma. Other allergic reactions can even affect your lungs and gastrointestinal tract.

Dirty air filters in your home's HVAC can affect you and your HVAC system's health so it is important to keep your filters cleaned. Try visiting an HVAC site online at to learn more about how regular professional cleaning and maintenance can benefit you.


5 May 2015